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Every PV project is the outcome of an

extensive selection of sites followed by a

deep process of engineering design.

Our powerplants are designed to last for 30 years of

operation with highest yield and the lowest level of

maintenance to meet power generation industry standards.

Rerdfield takes care of all the stages of the project.
From on-site selection, feasibility studies, connection permits, authorizations and construction.

Redfield relies on its own internal engineering team featuring decades of experience in design, development and maintenance of photovoltaic plants.
Redfield team operates directly with land owners, municipalities, authorities and investors to carry every project from design to operations.

  • site feasibility study
  • land rent / acquisition
  • financial modelling and business planning
  • land registry and restrictions check
  • connection permitting
  • construction permitting
  • finance implementation
  • powerplant construction and operation


Our first job is to scout the
territory and select the
best land or lake sites in
terms of location, grid
connection proximity, and
optimized orientation


Powerplant design based on top
notch technologies in solar
modules, solar trackers and
inverters. Layout and
grid interface feature
plug-in design for future storage
upgrades to cope with grid
ancillary services.


LCOE minimization is our
mission all along the
engineering workflow.
Delivery the highest yield of
renewable energy
generation according to
power market requirements,
with the lowest maintenance costs.