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Redfield Holding s.r.l. is an Italian enterprise focused on
the development of large scale solar photovoltaic powerplants

Redfield’s track record

Redfield’s track record of PV
powerplants exceeds 100 MWp of
total installed capacity across Italy,
Europe and China in multi-MWp
scale plants either for industrial roof
and land applications

Redfield and Power Up

Redfield belongs to Power Up Holding.

Power Up is a financial stakeholder in diversified industries as Metallurgical, Mining, Innovative Start-Up and Renewable Energy.

Power Up holds 28 mln Eur capital portfolio and shares with its subsidiaries financial and management resources.



Land powerplants featuring the latest technique of sun tracking plus bifacial solar modules grants lowest achievable LCOE


Industrial roof plants make perfect use of large surfaces to generate electricity right where it is needed


Solar floating plants are the opportunity to render water-bodies to an upgraded function of renewable energy resource

Redfield s.r.l
Brescia – Italy
Via Bottonaga n.4
zip 25125

+39 030 2420061